Facilities - Software

The Master of Marketing Analysis is pround to that it uses/has been using the latest and greatest software to teach students insights and skills that can immediately be put to use in their future practice.


Since its start in 1999, MMA has aligned itself with the leader in statistical and analytics software: SAS Institute.

More specifically, in the course of 'Analytical Customer Relationship Management', students are introduced to the SAS programming language by use of 'The Little SAS book'.

This long-lasting relationship has lead to the incorporation of SAS Certification in the MMA program schedule. Moreover, several MMA graduates have been invited to participate in SAS global forums to present their work as SAS student ambassadors.

R open-source statistical software

Moreover, in the course of 'Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics', focus is also on studying the R programming language, a language for statistical computing.


Third, we also teach our students SQL (structured query language) in Oracle's database management system (DBMS).